Hosten’s Deep - A young man explores the depths of Hosten's lake. What will he find down below?… Continue reading Hosten’s Deep
Discussions with Death - “Oh…there you are,” said Death softly. “I was wondering when you would come lurking again.” “I am not lurking,” protested Saul. “Just…taking a quick look. From afar.” Death sighed, putting her hand under her chin. “Yeah, yeah, right…I already told you, your time hasn’t come yet. So, stop staring and go back to your life!… Continue reading Discussions with Death
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Oase - A young woman wakes up in a dream-like world and makes surprising encounters.… Continue reading Oase
Luna - I wish my camera could see what I see… Because this is so f***ing beautiful. By the time the clouds had scattered away, the lunar eclipse was over. No blood moon to photograph for me tonight. And yet, when she finally appeared, I was in awe. Round and bright and beautiful, surrounded by beams of… Continue reading Luna